Bugfixing can be Fun

In my experience, even in spite of test-driven development, stabilization phase is often a hard job in the software projects. The bugs have to be fixed in the shortest time possible. As automotive supplier (http://www.harman.com) this occurs in particular for many weeks before the SOP (start of production), because no one can afford a recall.

But honestly, are you feeling good on closing the Jira ticket, or you are still just glad the thing of the jaw to have?

In my first job at http://www.lstelcom.de once I had the same situation as the lead of a small team. After the first delivery to the customer, there were many high prio bugs to be fixed asap.

As a team we came up with the idea to print out the Bugtickets from the backtracking system and attach these to a „task board“. Everyone was able to grab a new ticket and move it to the smiley side after fixing. Over the weeks we had an impressive bits of paper on our smiley side and it was really fun to post a new one.

We were really motivated and Bugfixing has just be fun …