I’m a fan of visual thinking and creative techniques on the whiteboard with a pile of index cards making it easy for analyzing systems and new requirements. In my opinion a must.

There was a workshop at VKSI about Design Thinking and several presentations on this topic also. Therefore my interest was piqued.

So I participated  an online course at Stanford University – Design Thinking Action Lab. I got a lot of agile software development and visual techniques well known before and so I recognize several similarities . However, I have only made the first“exercises“, because the whole thing was quite time consuming. Here is at least my second task: my personal ProblemResolver:

and a presentation of the „interview“ exercise – Transition to Job:

In any case, the course offers a lot of material – Recommended Books, Videos, etc. – to deepen, and the solutions of hig thousand „students“ are also very interesting, more courses on:


Currently, I am again at an interesting course about creativity in music. As a hobby jazz pianist this fits great to me.


More on Design Thinking at:  http://www.designthinkersacademy.com/


And last but lot least, a nice German book: