JavaFX – The sweetest temptation since there is GUI

JavaFX 2 Oracle has unpacked the old Sun Vision of a brand new UI toolkit and finally got up and running properlyYou will notice this fact lies a vast amount of experience and know-how.

Everything is so wonderful throughout and so easy that you can sometimes overlook the obvious solution available;-)

After many years of experience in the framework development, I must say, JavaFX is one of the best things I have ever seen so far – only exceeded by Groovy and Grails 😎

But in the GUI area it sets a new milestone.

The starting point at oracle:

Great Tutorials on javafx are available on:

Info about what’s going on (GER):

Compared to the old GUIs, such as Eclipse SWT / JFace the continuous support of CSS styling is a great benefit. For almost all purposes, there is special „widget“ available  and the Community is very active, see:

As an old „Framework Developer“ I discover many places with useful micro-frameworks, and always thought-out solutions.

Unlike other GUI frameworks, data binding is slightly out of hand. And the layout binding is a very useful addition, never seen  before

see FXExperience Blog

with controlsFX

great fun is the combination with a groovy dsl: GroovyFX

never got so much functionality for so little code:  Minimal Coding

also Custom Controls Guru Gerrit Grunwald is now excited …

lately i’ve seen a Google Maps integration – GMapsFX- GMapsFX von @RopTerp

and drawing graph based diagrams is now available with: