A few days ago my sons started to design their own website. For a good start I adviced them to fixture their ideas on paper. So they started writing the complete navigation part using text labels.

In my opinion  that is no good idea, because I prefer images. Then I was wondering how I can advice them to use visual thinking practices. I pulled the mind map approach from my toolbox and started drawing. But with all those curve lines, it looked more like a  Tube Map from London and drawing it was a hard job.

Therefore I was looking for a easier solution. Thinking about it I tried to draw the mind map as a graph. It really feels good. As the  Neo4j Committer always say: you can model anything as graph.

As a result, after this brain storming session, I will always draw mind maps as graphs in the future 🙂

But a great Tool for this task is missing, perhaps http://gist.neo4j.org/ will go in this direction.