Using Cards instead of Software Tools

Todays software systems are becoming more and more complex. To get the complexity under control, it is therefore increasingly necessary to divide the system into its components to handle little components independant from each other.

In my opinion, the computer too often slows down your creativity and you can get lost easily in details. Also high-resolution 27-inch monitors don’t have the space a whiteboard or large desk offers.

According to ancient object-oriented analysis tactics the CRC Card (Class Responsibility Colloboration) is a suitable to divide larger system using (hundreds) of cards for its main components.

Similar to Apple’s new iPhoto you can also easily make small stacks to zoom in to an area in need …

I myself had – at my first employer ( – once the responsibility to extract the GIS functionality from a „monolithic monster“ in a set of  independant base libraries to start a new product. The cards were great support to me in this. And so I use this approach often, if only for planning the task board ..