inspired by Thomas Mueller: @zaroselectro, who give me the tip for using confluence at home …

Atlassian is know for its jira issue tracker, but more and more the company has added solutions for collaborating in a team. Atlassian loves open source and supports small teams (<10 members) using all solutions for nearly nothing, see
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a complete list of products is here:
atlassian products

here are some tips on how to use them:

Requirements Engineering with Hipchat


On analyzing new features,  the ideas are not yet „ordered“ and you should – like in Design Thinking – try to collect as much information as possible about the problem to take all different „dimensions“ for the new topic into account.

So A tool is needed to catch all ideas.

At home many people are now using WhatsApp in different rooms to share great moments. But its only available on smartphones.

With hipchat you can create several rooms and chat like you are used to. documents and links will be automatically extracted for easier success. (with hip chat plus even desktop sharing is possible)

Documentation with Confluence


confluence is the number one Enterprise Wiki with lots of great plugins.

it is not only a bunch of wiki pages with a search index, instead you can build hierachies of posts.

a combination with a team calendar is great: If you are in a hierarchy the topmost team calendar will „collect“ all deeper calendars.

the wiki syntax is not used anymore you can rely on a desktop like ui with drag and drop actions, et others.

Confluence is for me the central place to document any facets of a product. As a Visual Thinker I prefer a combination of showing meaningful images and icons with easy to understand description – as short as possible.

I also like tracking the Product here with an overview and linked lira issues, to have a complete list of requirements, the issues and responsible developer with effort left to implement.

Issue Tracking with Jira


When your product development starts, there is a need for an issue tracking. jira is the best tool for this:

Source Code Control with Bitbucket


besides github the atlassian bitbucket can be used as git repository and you can also create private repositories without additional costs.

Code Reviews Face to Face


Crucible is a great tool for mark all commits for lira issues and supports reviewers on inspection and documentation of founded problems:

I prefer a human touch: any time before committing a change ask a colleague to „review“ all code changes face to face together and fix the problems immediately or delay it to the next day.

If you do Pair Programming you can ignore reviews because all changes are „previewed“ during development.

Continuous Delivery with Jenkins


Altlassian also has a product for Continuous Delivery  with Bamboo.

I prefer Jenkins for this



Virtual Teams work together with Cisco Webex


if you have a distributed team with team members of different location across the world you need a desktop sharing tool for your regular remote meetings.

as I mentioned above you can use hipchat plus (but it costs 2€ per member and month. An alternative is given by Skype with its scree sharing feature:

Webex is a matured solution  used by many companies. You can even record the session on your pc, so that others can watch the „video“ offline. And so you might use a „one men show“ for documenting your implemented story in a webinar. Small teams only cost 24 $ per month:

For a one to one desktop sharing you can use the chrome remote desktop extension.