Place cards

Stakeholder Analysis

Especially at the beginning of a project, it makes sense to create a map of all parties – who supports your ideas, but also who is more of an opponent?

Product Owner – Onsite Customer

This role is responsible to take care that the product will be loved by the client always looking for a great usability

Scrum Master – Lead by Coaching

helps an Agile team at improving and handles impediments

Tools Smith

supplied the team with the necessary „cooking“ tools

dinner service

Team Drama

The team members will fill different roles like Followers – Victims – Savior

many thanks to Dr. Martin Westphal (my brother) for the idea of Place cards. Read more about this at:

more about the human touch given by Peter Siwon[GER]:

the best preparation for getting a great team made  is training team sport or a musical band in the youth, see Der Peripheral View

And last but not least the mutual understanding is a Question of Flavor.

You can practice social skills and through social media, see Social Media


Think that the menu from the restaurant is like an agenda for a meeting, Dr. Constantin Sander nicely shows how to run a meeting:

And the whole thing can degenerate into Bla, Bla, Bla. Avoid this my taken advice from the book Visual Meetings:


A project wiki is the simplest way to design a document in the „most agile“ manner. It offers an comfortable access by its search function.

As an enterprise wiki Confluence is successful:

Bug Tracking


There is no project without bug tracking these days. The open source solution Trac is great:

and if you use Conflucene as Wiki Jira is the natural fit:

Task Board
now there is also a nice software solution for a Scrum board or Kaban:

Beautiful comic that explains the Kanban principle in IT:

Why not „visualize“ also Jira tickets? See the BugTrackingBoard

Graph-based visualization Project
It is hard to keep track in large projects, since the requirements are dismembered in little pieces, which can be handled in a neasy way. This is good for the developer but difficult for a controller or project lead.

And here there might be a solution using a NoSQL graph databases for easy navigating the relationships. See my idea for a such a approach: Graph based Project Management

Web Design


Json Beaird has written a very instructive book: Successful web design. In addition to the basic rules of design and lots of useful links and web design is cut Ethics: stealing images on Google is reprehensible.

The great CSS Zen Garden shows how the same HTML Source is styled very different solely by CSS styling :

There is also a beautiful book about this design, which presents the various principles using the css zen gardens:

And a beautiful book to postgraduate CSS3:äume-Webdesign/dp/3827325455

However, at least the colors should match, this tool will help:

Painting – A picture is worth a 1000 words
Also, when creating drawings for explaining complex subjects agility is announced. Therefore, now here is my Best Drawing Tool